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Hello Fellow Truth Seekers!
We are excited that you found us. Here at HARDnFAST, we're not just a conspiracy news and informational site, but a community of likeminded thinkers with TRUTH as our common goal. It is worth stating that we do not subscribe to the Heliocentric model of the universe, and consider the"Spherical Earth"as simply an unprovable theory. If you find this hard to accept, your not alone, but you are misinformed. Sometimes the truth isn't always easy to accept, as it can come at you HARDer and FASTer than you may be comfortable with. But if your mind is awake, you might just unlock the secrets and important knowledge that have been intentionally hidden from you and the rest of civilization.
Welcome to the truth movement!
Beware of open minds. The content within this site is both created by us and obtained from various sources from around the world. We do not imply endorsement or accept liability for any 3rd party submitted content, or any works not explicitly stated as such. Conversly, the content presented from creators, contributors, producers, affiliates, and/or third party media outlets, etc..., does not constitute endorsement from such sources, of our products, services or media content.
It is our mission to present scientific content and theories, information, investigative jounalisim and news, and other multimedia, that are as unbiased and truthful to the extent of our due diligence and research. Some of the content within our channels deals with conspiracies, fringe topics and other difficult to prove theories. As such, we do not guarantee the validity of any such content. All content copyrights, derived from third party producers or otherwise, are obtained in compliance with the Fair Usage Act.
Again, we remain diligent in providing credible and truthful information, as this is our main goal as an independant news and content producer and community. For those of you that are here for entertainment purposes, please be respectful to the views, theories and content contained within. Debate is healthy, and jokes are fun, but ridicule with the intent of hurting the feelings of those you disagree with, badgering, and/or any type of derogatory, disruptive, or unproductive commentary, will not be permitted. Do not hinder those who are legitimately searching for, sharing of, and/or producing works of truth.
Be good to others!
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